(tl;dr: here’s a link to the flashcards on TinyCards!)

I’ve been an iOS developer for years — and I’m extremely excited to play with Apple’s new SwiftUI framework.

When I’m writing UIKit apps, I’ve got large swaths of the UIKit API available in my brain. I want some text here? That’s a UILabel. I need a share button in the navigation bar? That’s a UIBarButtonItem.

With SwiftUI, though, it’s a whole new API. There are a ton of new structs, protocols, functions, and the rest. Some are familiar, but others are pretty new to me.

It’s like I’m fluent in Spanish, and I’m trying to read an Italian cookbook. There are new names for familiar ingredients, many new ingredients altogether, and the kitchen layout isn’t-yet in my muscle memory.

Here’s my plan for learning SwiftUI:

  1. Walk through Apple’s SwiftUI tutorials, and skim the documentation.
  2. Try taking a little hobby-app idea of mine (or an existing thing) and build it in SwiftUI.
  3. Build my familiarity with SwiftUI’s API by memorizing some of the commonly-used bits, so they feel as-familiar as UIKit.

To aid with that third step, I’ve made a collection of flashcards on TinyCards. I’ve copied over bits of the API documentation, and TinyCards does the rest — give it a try!1

TinyCards has a fantastic iOS app, so these cards make a nice way to study SwiftUI when you’re away from a laptop.

  1. If you think I’ve missed some cards, please let me know